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Midgley Moor

Midgley Moor Level C Event

19th October,

Hebden Bridge


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Fabian Entry
Midgley Moor Event Forum! 
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Controller Jim Mitchell, PFO writes the following comments:

Many years ago, I controlled my first event for EPOC, and today on nearby Midgley Moor, I controlled my last! (also for EPOC!).

It has been a pleasure to work with this club over the years and today was no exception.

Unfortunately on Short Green, a leg ending at control 103, was affected by a prominent nearby gully which was not on the map.

An experienced jury was convened and all agreed that this leg should be voided. The planner Graham Lloyd was mortified by the error, as was I!

However, all the courses were very well received, thanks to Graham’s efforts. Thanks go to the usual EPOC helpers, especially Wils (who’s first job as organiser this was), and particular thanks to Graham’s wife Rebecca for providing an ancient and decrepit controller with cups of tea and delicious home made cake.



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