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December 25, 2012

Elland Park Woods YHOA Night League Event. 22nd December 2012
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Comment by Anthony G of EPOC.
Submitted at 11:13 on Tuesday 25-Dec-2012.

SUBJECT:   Closing forum
I am closing this forum now!
Comment by Charlie of SYO.
Submitted at 08:07 on Sunday 23-Dec-2012.

SUBJECT:   Apologies
I just want to add my sincere apologies for the mistake on the Long course to what Alistair has already said.
The Controller is there to spot such slip ups and eliminate them. I'm very disappointed with myself that this one slipped through.
It was interesting though how few people seemed to be affected. Most just carried on contouring when the control didn't appear on the correct thicket.
We have taken out the splits for 1 to 2 and 2 to 3 to produce as fair results as is possible in the circumstances.
Comment by Steve Corrigan of Ebor.
Submitted at 00:02 on Sunday 23-Dec-2012.

Tonight was as slippery as it gets and once you started sliding down the hill it was difficult to stop.  Challenging.  It is the first time I can remember looking for the brambles/undergrowth, so that I could get some grip.  Well done everyone who turned out.  Thanks Epoc for the event and excellent facilities at the cricket club.
Comment by Anthony G of EPOC.
Submitted at 21:48 on Saturday 22-Dec-2012.

SUBJECT:   Night Event
Any comments on the Elland Night Event?

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