East Pennine Orienteering Club

Event start

Start times now done by punching at start control so can be flexible.

Team Leader: Please collect and test your equipment, and visit site, at least 5 days before event and send other team members a copy of this sheet.

N1 Notice: This is a Flexi Start.

Course and class list.

Have you cleared your dibber?

You may start when you are ready.

Queue up in the lane for your course. Please keep 4 minutes clear from any of your clubmates on the same course.

N2 Notice:

The odd course map boxes are on the left, the even courses on the right.

The start kite is ????.

On the first beep, step over the start line.

On the sixth, long beep, dib the start box, pick up your map and have a good run!

Courses close at 2.30pm. Early controls will start to be brought in a little before this time.

PERSONNEL: Only three people required. 4 make it more relaxed.

Must arrive in plenty of time to set up the start for EPOC helpers to start at 10am.

Persons 2 and 3 Check dibbers have been cleared and supervises competitors into course lanes. Best to have check box in hand. Try to keep people from the same club and on same course 3 mins apart. (the notice N1 should do this)

Person 3 Watches to make sure people arrive on start line in order. Watches to be sure they punch the start. Gives advice if neccessary. Uses whistle if clock fails. If notice N2 is good, then this is a simple job. No need to say 'step over the line' etc!

(Person 4 Team leader?).If people have to mark up from mastermaps, because there are lots of entries, then it can be busy for this person, who has to hand out maps and generally supervise. It can be done by number 2 or 3.


The planner will provide you with the start box, check box (and clear box, although this will probably be some way before the start). Planner will also place the start kite in position. Planner/Organiser will provide (boxes) of (pre-marked) maps.

Bleep clock from Store

Start notice boards and felt pen.

Blank maps for -2 for badge event (from Planner)

Spare Notices boards

Digital wrist watch set to speaking clock

Tape and pegs


Start sign

Master Map Boards. Pens. Master Map Shelter.

Sign for each lane for competitors to queue behind


1. 3 DAYS BEFORE: Make sure everything collected three days before (including the maps if available) and check the clocks work - are the batteries OK?. Find out where First Aid is.

2. NIGHT BEFORE: Practice starting bleep clock

3. DAY OF EVENT: Start to set up about an hour before first start. Should be set up 30 minutes before first start.

Set bleep clock to speaking clock time

Set up rest of equipment

Use the tapes to force competitors through the boxes -, check, blank maps and start.

Get clearance from Planner/Controller before setting anyone off. EPOC helpers could go at their own risk.

After event pass unused maps to Organiser. Start boxes to finish caravan

Make sure clocks are turned off at the end of the event. Batteries removed

im 01.01

APG 09.05