Orange Juice/Water O-Tech sheet.  May 05, 2009

Team Leader to note the following:-

Do we actually need to provide refreshments? If not, make note in final details.

At the Ogden Regional Event 2006, we just went to Lidl and bought 450 bottles of spring water, cost about £70.

Find out where the finish/water station is required. With dibber finish, the water station can often be near to the parking.

Find out how many competitors are expected.  About 450 for a badge Event?

Make sign which says 'please take your empty bottle home'.

May need table to put containers on (check with the organiser). Probably ok to simply put on the ground.

Need to be set up at 10.30am ready for first finishers.

Clear up about 2.30pm.

Give your sales slip to Treasurer or event organiser for recompense.

It may be possible for the Water person to be the finish person as well. ie, sit a the finish all day and sort out problems on the courses.

Anthony G