EQUIPMENT There is a box of equipment in the EPOC store containing a dozen punches, a selection of hardboard controls, the string machine and a spare reel of string. PLEASE KEEP ALL THESE IN THE STRING BOX.

It is suggested that the thin metal stakes (found by the door in the stores) are used to hang the controls on.

It is a good idea to take a supply of polythene map bags, in case it rains.

DO NOT FORGET to buy "prizes" for the string course competitors.

COLOUR AND BADGE EVENTS You will need to produce a map with large control squares on, for ease of punching.

Put the controls on features where possible even if the character control boards are used.

Use punches rather than stickers or crayons - they are a lot easier to use especially in wet weather.

The marker boards need to correspond with the pictures on the control card part of the map.

MAP Produce an A4 size map - it doesn't need to be absolutely accurate, but should show the general shape of the course and be roughly to scale. Pictures of features rather than the BOF map symbols are preferable.

STRING There is approximately 1.5km on the machine - no need to use it all, a short easy course is preferable to an overlong or tough underfoot course. REMEMBER the string course is really aimed at those with little legs.

The string should be on the ground, tied on to something every so often so it doesn't get blown around.

Loop the string round each control stake so there is no chance of a child missing a control.

ON THE DAY Putting out the string is much easier with two people; one stands on the string whilst the other walks with the reel letting out 50 to 60 metres and so on. Start at the Finish - you can then wind in after the last competitor has started. Wind the string in tightly - old gloves make the job easier on the hands. Please leave everything in the box ready for the next event, unless the controls are wet in which case spread out to dry and let the Equipment Officer know and he/she will pack things away when dry.

RESULTS The Start sheet doubles as a results sheet. In the results, positions are not given, just calculate times (usually rounded to the nearest minute) and leave the entries in start time order; do not put them in time order- it is not a race.

Any queries: contact Mike Pownall