Team leader needs to be absolutely clear beforehand

-Where competitors cars are to be parked

-Where reserve parking is in case of either a bottleneck occuring or the main car park area becoming full.

-Where helpers are to be parked

-Whether team is expected to hand out anything to competitors on arrival -registration forms, final details for example.

-Whether responsible for any O signs.

Set everything up by 9am earlier if parking helpers. If they get into the wrong place it can really mess up an event.

You need enough people to man the reserve parking.

Someone needs to maintain a position at the point where traffic begins to queue and must maintain contact with team leader. If pressure is such that the reserve car park is to be used a person is needed to stand at the diversion point and the route to the new park needs to be either well signed of manned.

If queueing on a public highway, this person(s) needs to be able to get non-orienteers round the queueing traffic.

Beforehand, the team leader needs to think through the worst case scenario and work out the manpower to cope with a change in arrangements - what happens if there is a jam - and what happens if the jam occurs on a public highway which could affect other users.

The team leader needs to consider carefully what needs putting in the final details. Are single drivers to be sent somewhere different.

Don't introduce charging procedures unnecessarily because it can cause blockages. Discuss implications with organiser.

When the car parking is functioning, there needs to be eyesight contact when the car parkers from first director to final placer.

Are signs needed to the exit? - it isn't always obvious which way to go.

Make sure you have enough capable people - remember, the competitors come in a rush. You need good signs, orange jackets from store and helpers must be instructed how to direct simply and clearly.