East Pennine Orienteering Club

Simple Start with e-punching

Team Leader: Please collect and test your equipment, and visit site, at least 5 days before event and send other team members a copy of this sheet.

Need to find out if there will be master maps to copy if the premarked ones run out. Will registration give them blank maps? When do they mark their maps? After starting?

N1 Notice: 'Remove (clear) all old info’ from your dibber here'. Best to have the clear station somewhere near the start, then if a competitor has forgotton to clear, they do not have to go too far to do it again. Tapes should force
competitors to pass the clear station.

N2 Notice: 'On the 6th bleep, dib the start box. No Hurry! Your run starts when you dib the start box'.

N3 Notice: Map arrangement (keep it big, clear and simple). NB for Colour event, it is possible to simply have the plastic map boxes colour coded, so a notice may not be needed.

PERSONNEL: Only two people required. Team Leader + 1 to set up. 2 more to have a 10am run, then take over at around 11.45. They continue until 12.30 then dismantle the start and take it back to the store. Two people always need to be present in case a problem occurs and one has to go off to sort it out.

Team Leader +1 must arrive in plenty of time to set up the start for EPOC helpers to start at 10am. May have to tape from car park etc?

No1 Checks dibbers have been cleared. Best to have check box in hand. Feeds competitors into a queue behind their colour course lane. Tries to see that competitors from the same club are kept 2mins apart.

No2(Team Leader) Instructs people when to go and where start kite is. But if you think this through, a simple notice can convey all this information, so that No2 can just observe from a chair!

The bleep clock is an essential part of the system. If it does not work, then No1 has to revert to a whistle, which is a real bind. So check that you can set up the clock to bleep correctly on the minute before you get to the event........


The planner will provide you with the start e-box, check e-box (and clear e-box, although this will probably be some way before the start). Planner will also place the start kite in position. Planner will provide boxes of (pre-marked) maps. White maps will probably be available at registration, and Yellow may be in the Yellow start lane for anxious parents to check out before their offspring set off. Find out about this before you set up.

Start sign

Sign for each lane for competitors to queue behind

Bleep clock from Store

Spare notice boards and felt pen

Notices boards

Digital wrist watch set to speaking clock

Tape and pegs



1. The week BEFORE: Make sure everything collected one week before the event (including the maps if available) and check the clock works - are the batteries OK?.

2. NIGHT BEFORE: Practice starting the bleep clock to bleep for the 6th time on the 12. Make sure you have mobile phone numbers of all key officials.

3. DAY OF EVENT: Set up about an hour before first start. Should be set up 30 minutes before first start.

Set bleep clock to speaking clock time. It maybe possible to do this beforehand, then turn the sound off.

Set up rest of equipment

Get clearance from Planner/Controller before setting anyone off. EPOC helpers could go at their own risk even if clearance not obtained. After event pass unused maps to mapping officer/organiser and take clear and start boxes and
start kite to planner.

Make sure clocks are turned off at the end of the event.

This system is based on the one used at Storthes Hall Autumn 2003


APG/IM 05.04