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Dewsbury Urban Event

 Sunday 11th June 2017

YHOA Urban League




Controller’s Comments:

It's always a pleasure to Control EPOC events, particularly with Richard and Jean involved, as they never leave me with much to do - everything is taken care of very proficiently.  

Particular thanks to Richard for listening to my suggestion of mapping Dewsbury.  My office is in the town centre (some of you will have visited a control outside the back door!), and I hope the variety of urban terrain, the permeability of the housing estates and Victorian town centre, and the park race section towards the end, provided you with lots of interest and enjoyment.  

The market being open on Sunday was a bit of a surprise, and I know it caused some confusion (not least to me when I was checking controls early on!)  Hopefully it added a bit of novelty to the event for you.

Martyn Broadest

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