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East Pennine Orienteering Club
The Orienteering Club for Calderdale, Kirklees and Wakefield
18/12/2016 Storthes Hall Christmas Level C and YHOA Superleague Event Results
17/12/2016 Storthes Hall YHOA Night Event Results
15/10/2016 Newmillerdam Level C Results
03/07/2016 Huddersfield Urban Level C Results
02/07/2016 Farnley Estates Level C Results
07/02/2016 Sowerby Urban Event Level C Results
20/12/2015 Newmillerdam Christmas Event Level C Results
19/12/2015 Newmillerdam Night Event Level C Results
15/10/2015 Ogden Water Regional Event Level B Results
05/07/2015 Elland Urban Event Level B Results
03/05/2015 Greenhead Park Sprint Formal Informal Results
22/02/2015 Halifax Urban Level B Results
21/12/2014 Royds Hall Woods Level C Christmas Event Results
20/12/2014 Royds Hall Woods YHOA Night League Event Results
19/10/2014 Midgley Moor Level C Event Results
14/09/2014 Brighouse Urban Level C Event Results
09/03/2014 Langfield & Stoodley Level B Event Results
26/01/2014 Newmillerdam Level C Event Results
22/12/2013 Storthes Hall Middle Distance Level C Event Results
21/12/2013 Storthes Hall YHOA Night League Event Results
06/10/2013 Rishworth Moor Yorkshire Super League Event Results
23/06/2013 Castle Carr Northern Champs Event Results
22/06/2013 Halifax Urban Event Results
20/01/2013 Haw Park Regional Event Results
22/12/2012 Elland Park Woods Christmas Score Event Results
23/12/2012 Elland Park Woods YHOA Night League Event Results
11/10/2012 Ogden YHOA Superleague and Yvette Baker Trophy Heat Results
06/10/2012 Honley Woods Informal Event Results
01/09/2012 Crow Nest Park CATI Event Results
15/07/2012 Storthes Hall Informal Event Results
23/06/2012 Oakwell Hall Informal Event & Club Picnic Results
17/06/2012 Sowerby Bridge Urban Event Results
28/04/2012 Scammonden Informal Event Results
01/04/2012 Newmillerdam Level C Event Results
12/02/2012 Norland Moor Middle Distance Event Results
11/02/2012 Norland Moor Night Event Results
18/12/2011 Royds Hall Woods Level C Event Results
05/11/2011 Screamer Woods Informal Event Results
23/10/2011 Storthes Hall Woods Middle Distance C Event Results
24/09/2011 Ogden Informal Event Results
24/07/2011 Crow Nest Park Come and Try It Event Results
06/07/2011 Holmfirth Club Picnic Urban Event Results
06/07/2011 Honley Woods Informal Event Results
29/06/2011 Bradley Woods Informal Event Results
13/03/2011 Honley Woods Level-C Event Results
23/01/2011 Marsden Moor Level-B Event Results
08/01/2011 Elland Park Woods YHOA Night League Results
19/12/2010 Norland Christmas Cracker Score Event Results
24/10/2010 Stoodley Pike Regional Event Results
04/07/2010 Holmfirth Urban Urban Event Results
27/05/2010 Bradley Woods Informal Event Results
19/05/2010 Far Isle Farm Informal Event Results
12/05/2010 Scammonden Informal Event Results
09/05/2010 Haw Park Local Event Results
05/05/2010 Spring Wood Informal Event Results
14/02/2010 Castle Carr Regional Event Results
13/02/2010 Castle Carr Local Night Event Results
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