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Preliminary Details
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Ogden Christmas Score Event

1hr Mass-Start (11am) Score Event

Sunday 24th December 2017

Preliminary details 13.11.2017

Ogden Photo


Orienteer through the beautiful Winter Pennine landscapes around Ogden Water


Registration & Car Park: Another World Adventure Centre, Moss Farm, Ogden, Halifax. HX2 8YB.  Just off A629 Halifax - Keighley Road. There will be a parking charge of £1 per vehicle.



Terrain: Ogden is a delightful woodland with a good path network for the shorter courses. It is nevertheless challenging and intricate for the experts. Longer courses will venture onto the moorland.

Map: 1:7500 with 5m contours. All maps are pre-marked on waterproof paper.

Toilets: at registration.


Registration: 9.30am to 10.45am


Start and Finish: are 500m from car park and download.


Start time:There will be a mass start at 11am precisely. Please try to be there by 10.50 at the latest for dibber check and map issue. Leave assembly at 10.40 if you are walking.


A 60 minute Score Event Fixed number of controls, each control being worth 10 points. The controls may be visited in any order and it is not necessary to visit all of them. Juniors with limited experience should be accompanied by an adult.


Finish: Point scoring will stop at 12 o'clock precisely, 10 penalty points will be deducted from your score for each minute or part minute after this time. Download back at the Adventure centre.

We will start to remove controls from 12.15 onwards.


You must report to download, even if you retire, to save an unnecessary search.


Entries: Adults £7.00 (+£2 Non BO)    Juniors and Beginners £3.00.
SI Dibber Hire: £1, lost dibbers £30.

Safety: Whilst a full Risk assessment will be carried out competitors will be responsible for their own safety.
Competitors take part at their own risk. Waterproof jackets may be compulsory in the case of bad weather and if this proves to be the case a notice to this effect will be displayed in the car park.  Whistles are advisable.  Full leg cover is compulsory and will be checked. 
Make sure you have someone who will raise the alarm if you appear to be very late finishing. 
Lone competitors must leave their car keys at registration and record their name, phone no. and registration number on the entry form.
ln the unlikely event of cancellation, details will be posted on the EPOC website.

Planners Notes: There are a number of vague deer tracks in the woodland that are not mapped.
The fences surrounding the woodland, the newly planted steep valley and those crossing the moorland are all robust and can all be crossed at any point. We would suggest you do this next to a post. Any existing gate or stile which provides an easier crossing point and a number of additional ones with sacking over barbed wire are marked on the purple overprint. These are not mandatory crossing points.
The Ovenden Moor Windfarm is currently being redeveloped and has now been omitted from the map. Please do not stray into any of the construction area.
The shooting butts on the moor are not mapped.

Control Descriptions:  ?? On the map?



Planner: Jonathon Emberton EPOC
Controller: Davey Averill EPOC
Organiser: Jean Lochhead EPOC

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