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Preliminary Details
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Storthes Hall Woods and Campus

Sunday 28 January 2018

Y.H.O.A. Middle Distance Championships

Presentations for YHOA Urban League and YHOA Super League

 Preliminary Details as at 25 November 2017

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Terrain. Storthes Hall is an attractive and very runnable area of mixed woodland and fields with a good path network, used for the JK Relays in 2015, Some controls will be located on the Campus.

Car Park. Signed off the A629 about 5km south east of Huddersfield. (HD8 0WA).
Parking on hard standing on university campus close to registration. Please park within the lines. Streetmap

Registration. Inside the University “Venue”.  Please note this is not the registration area that we have used before -  Access the “Venue” via the steps on the West side of the Car park and follow tapes. Please remove muddy shoes. Toilets. Inside the “Venue” and bar area.  Again - please remove muddy shoes.

Registration. 10.00am to 12.00am.
Start Times. 10.30 to 12.30am – Block allocation
Start and Finish. TBA
Entries. £8 adults (£10 non British Orienteering members).
£3.00 children/students. Entries via Fabian 4 opening 1st December 2017. Family entry £22.

Provisional Course lengths subject to final controlling

  Length Km Climb Men Women
Black 5.5 150 M18 M20 M21 M35 M40  
Brown 5.2 140 M45  M50 W18  W20 W21
Blue 4.3 120 M16  M55 M60 W35 W40
Green 3.8 120 M65  M70 W16 W45 W50
Short Green 3.1 110 M75 M80 M85 M90 W55  W60 W65
Very Short Green 2.6 90   W70  W75 W80 W85
Light Green 2.6 80 M14 W14
Orange 2 50 M12 W12
Yellow  1.6 30 M10 W10
White TBC TBC    

Remember to download after running.

All courses close at 2.30pm.
Safety: Whilst a full Risk assessment will be carried out competitors will be responsible for their own safety.
Competitors take part at their own risk. Waterproof jackets may be compulsory in the case of bad weather and if this proves to be the case a notice to this effect will be displayed in the car park.  Whistles are advisable.  Full leg cover are compulsory and will be checked. 
Make sure you have someone who will raise the alarm if you appear to be very late finishing. 
Lone competitors must leave their car keys at registration and record their name, phone no. and registration number on the entry form.
ln the unlikely event of cancellation, details will be posted on the EPOC website.

Planner: Davey Averill EPOC
Controller: Charlie Adams SYO
Organiser: Jean Lochhead EPOC
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