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Preliminary Details

Brighouse Urban Event

Level C

Sunday 15th April 2018

Part of the YHOA Urban League 

Preliminary Details 5.2.18 

Brighouse is a moderately-sized town within Calderdale, prettily situated on the bank of the river Calder, and with a mooring basin for the Calder and Hebble Navigation in the town centre.

Car Park  - TBA  

Terrain: will be mostly tarmac with some parkland.
Please be aware of all traffic, pedestrians, dog walkers/dogs (especially in Wellholme Park)  and other competitors. It is a good principle, to pass other runners to the left. The courses pass through all types of urban environment with a wide range of underfoot conditions with slippery surfaces when wet.

Map: Updated 2014 map by Richard Payne, EPOC. 1:4000 with 5m contours. ISSOM standard symbols. The ISSOM forbidden crossing symbol for fences, walls, buildings and vegetation must be adhered to.
All maps are A3 and printed on waterproof paper and will not be bagged

Control Sites: All control sites will be marked with a conventional kite. The SI unit and kite will be attached with a wire gripple.
Electronic punching: Sportident equipment is being used.
Shadowing Juniors: Juniors may be shadowed. To remain competitive, any adult who shadows a junior must have completed their run beforehand.

Entry fees- TBA

Courses: - TBA

Course Length,km Climb,mts Controls
Men Urban
1 Black
Men Open   (M18-35)
2 Brown      
Men Vets (M40+)
Women Open (W18-35)
3 Blue      
Men Super Vets (M55+) 
Women Vets (W40+)
4 Green      
Men Ultra Vet (M65+)
Super Vet Women (W55+) 
5 Short Green       MHV Men Hyper Vets (M75+) WUV WHV Women Ultra Vets (W65+)
Women Hyper Vet (W75+)
6 Light Green       MJ Junior Men (M16-)
Junior Women   (W16-)
7 Yellow      
Young Junior Men (M12-)
Young Junior Women  (W12-)

You may enter any course although to be competitive in the YHOA urban league you need to enter the courses shown above.

String Course:

Start officials will organise queues behind each course start at -3 minutes and release people at 1 minute intervals. 
Loose control descriptions and example maps will be available in the start lanes.
All Courses will use IOF Standard description format.
Additional text descriptions for course 7 will be available.
It is your responsibility to ensure you pick up the correct map.
Course Closing Time: 14:30
Finish:  TBA
Safety:  Whilst we will have carried out full risk assessments of the competition areas and put in place any mitigation of the risks we find, please be aware that you take part at your own risk.
Competitors who are travelling alone are advised to leave named car keys at enquiries. All competitors must download as soon as possible at the end of their run whether they have completed the course or not.

First Aid: Members of EPOC who have completed First Aid training.
Nearest Hospital: Calderdale Royal Hospital.

Organiser: Jean Lochhead 
Planner: Neil Croasdell EPOC
Controller: David Morgan EPOC

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