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Halifax Central Urban Event

Halifax Central

UK Urban Orienteering League and Yorkshire Urban League

Sunday 1 July 2018

Details 17/5/18

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 EPOC are pleased to welcome you to Halifax.

Calderdale's largest town Halifax, has one of the most complete Victorian townscapes in Britain, with many impressive buildings, such as the Grade II* listed Town Hall, the work of Sir Charles Barry, designer of the Houses of Parliament.

Halifax Minster is one of the finest buildings in Yorkshire and has been at the heart of the local community for over 900 years.

Halifax is also home to the truly unique Grade I listed Piece Hall; the only remaining cloth hall in Britain. The building has undergone a multi-million pound refurbishment and reopened to the public on Yorkshire Day, August 1st 2017. The Piece Hall is home to a range of shops, bars and cafes, with even more new businesses opening in the coming months and an exciting year-round event programme. 

Just outside the town centre is a 15 foot high replica of the fearsome Halifax Gibbet, where thieves were beheaded for their crimes! A short walk away, the People's Park offers fountains, serpentine pools, statues, balustrading, cast iron bridges and a terraced promenade, all with disabled access.

Car Parking: There are many car parks around Dean Clough Mills but further details will follow as to how to get to the car park adjacent to the Main Reception Building and the start.

Entry via Fabian 4:  Entries close Sunday 24 June 2018. Adults £10, Juniors, £4 Family £24

Limited EOD £12.00 & £5.00 Family £29.

Registration: Dean Clough Mills. Main reception, which is on the East side of the mill block complex. Further directions to follow. Café adjacent to Registration.

Starts: 10.30 – 12.30pm,  400m uphill from parking and registration.  Loose control descriptions will be available in the Start Lanes. All Courses will use IOF Standard description format. 
Finish:  The finish is adjacent to the parking and registration. 

Terrain: Usual Urban with a little parkland and consisting of ginnels, yards, terraced streets, alleyways and modern suburban estates.

Course Closing Time: 2.30 pm

Courses subject to final controlling:

Course Length,km Climb,mts Controls
Men Urban
1 Black
8.1  190 30
Men Open   (M18-35)
2 Brown 6.5 170 25
Men Vets (M40+)
Women Open (W18-35)
3 Blue 5.8 85 23
Men Super Vets (M55+) 
Women Vets (W40+)
4 Green 4.6 85 19
Men Ultra Vet (M65+)
Super Vet Women (W55+) 
5 Short Green 3.7 65 15 MHV Men Hyper Vets (M75+) WUV WHV Women Ultra Vets (W65+)
Women Hyper Vet (W75+)
6 Light Green 3.6 50 22 MJ Junior Men (M16-)
Junior Women   (W16-)
7 Yellow 1.8 25 14
Young Junior Men (M12-)
Young Junior Women  (W12-)

Safety:  While we have carried out full risk assessments of the competition areas and put in place any mitigation of the risks we found, please be aware that you take part at your own risk.
Please be aware of all traffic, pedestrians and other competitors. It is a good principle, to pass other runners to the left. The courses pass through all types of urban environment with a wide range of underfoot conditions. Wet Yorkshire cobbles are very slippery. Competitors who are travelling alone are advised to leave named car keys at enquiries. All competitors must download as soon as possible at the end of their run whether they have completed the course or not.
The Junior courses are planned to minimise road crossing and use parkland and quiet residential streets.

The ISSOM forbidden crossing symbol for fences, walls, buildings and vegetation must be strictly adhered to.

Course Safety: The courses have been planned to use underpasses wherever possible to cross busy roads.
There is a timed crossing on the two Junior Courses.
There is a Food & Drink Festival taking place on the weekend of the event and also a Sunday Market. This will involve the need to take extra care in these streets, which are shown on the map in a different shade.
As a Safety check all competitors must punch the last control.

Map: 2018 by Richard Payne EPOC, extended to the North from the previous Halifax map used in 2015. 1:5000 with 2.5m contours.
ISSOM standard symbols. Map size A3. All maps are printed on waterproof paper and will not be bagged.
Control Sites: All control sites will be marked with a conventional kite. The SIAC unit and kite will be attached with a wire gripple.

Electronic punching: SportIdent SIAC equipment is being used. SI cards (dibbers) are available for hire for £1. No SIAC Dibbers will be available for hire.
SI Download: As a Safety check theFinish control must be punched.  After punching the finish control please download as soon as possible and hired SI cards will be collected. Should you lose your SI card, or fail to return it, you will be charged the full price of a replacement (£30). 
Shadowing Juniors: Juniors may be shadowed only after you have completed your own run.
Results:  Results will be on display in the assembly area and via the EPOC website.

By entering this event you are agreeing to EPOC publishing the information you have supplied in the event results.  You would also be agreeing to us passing such information to British Orienteering for the purpose of insurance or for use in the Ranking list.  Results will include your name, club, race times and age group


Organiser: Jean Lochhead (EPOC) 01484 687030
Planner: Richard Payne (EPOC)
Controller: Tony Carlyle (AIRE)

Acknowledgements: Calderdale MBC. Dean Clough Mills and Residents.
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