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Assist Organisers Comments


Ogden Water Regional Event and Junior Selection Event 

Sunday, 25th October 2015



Assistant Organiser's Comments

We hope you enjoyed your visit to Ogden Water.

Putting this event on has been a real team effort requiring a lot of co-ordination, especially with our expert planner on the area, Jon Emberton, able to plan your courses but unavoidably being away on the weekend of the event so we had an able team of control hangers and collectors step in.

Thank you to everyone who helped out over the weekend but especially to Paulette for taking on the bulk of the organising, Jon of course for his courses, Anthony for all his work in the background with permissions etc and to Peter Jones from AIRE, our controller, who calmly kept us on track through the course of the weekend.

Many thanks once again to the Milner Family of Holly House Farm who very kindly allowed us to park in their fields and use their barn for registration/download.

As you will have noticed the previously runnable woodland continues to be encroached by brambles in many areas and the seasonal bracken growth certainly slowed down progress in the places.  

We hope we never need them but with one competitor unaccounted for when the courses closed we were pleased to have the assistance of Ann and her Calder Valley Mountain Rescue team who had been in attendance all morning to call on to start a search. Thankfully the lady in question was swiftly located on route to the finish and  we could stand them down. 

We regrettably did have one problem early on Sunday as a consequence of an earlier  miscommunication which resulted in an unintentional short fall in Short Green maps. As soon as this was flagged up we did our level best to address this as quickly as possible at registration and with the recycling maps. Thank you to those who gave up your maps and our apologises for those who were inconvenienced by this.

Alistair Tinto



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