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Why do people choose orienteering?

Orienteering is a sport that both children and adults enjoy for lots of different reasons. Some people like being out in the countryside and visiting places that they may not normally go whilst others do it to keep fit or get fitter. Orienteering can be done at walking or running pace ­ it is a competitive sport for people who want it to be. Orienteering can be a confidence builder for people of any age as they learn how to use a map and navigate around a course.

Whether an adult, child, family or group there is something for everyone. For the youngest children, at colour-coded and badge events there will usually be a course where the controls are linked together by string. String courses provide a lot of fun for very young children without the possibility of them getting lost!

Why do I need to join a club?

EPOC produce a regular magazine and fixtures list so you know what events are coming up. We are a friendly club and you can get to know other club members ­ talking about your run with other orienteers is enjoyable and can help you improve your performance. As an EPOC member you can join in club training and at some events you can compete for the club.

You can join as a club member if you just want to take part in local events. If you want to go to the bigger events you will need to join as a full member ­ this includes membership of EPOC and the British Orienteering Federation.

What equipment do I need?

To start orienteering, you will only need a few things: trainers, a compass (although not essential at the beginning), a whistle (just in case!).

Where and when can I start?

A good way to try orienteering is to go to a permanent course. You can go at any time and practice at your own speed. Map packs are available from local Tourist Information Offices or sometimes on site. The nearest ones are at Oakwell Hall (Birstall), Ogden Water and Shibden Park (Halifax) and Greenhead Park (Huddersfield).

But most orienteering is done at events that are set up by a club and run between certain times on a particular day. You can find out when and where the next events are here. There are 3 main types of events ­ Informal, Local and Regional events.


Will there be someone there to help me?

Permanent course map packs include some instructions. If you want any help at any orienteering event you should go to the enquiries point and there will be someone there who can show you what to do. If you join EPOC and let us know you are coming to an event we can arrange in advance for someone to meet you there.

What about other events?

Each weekend you would usually be able to find an event to go to that isn't too far away. Local, District and Regional events are held on Sunday mornings.

At Local events you turn up and enter on the day. There are usually 7 courses ranging from White (easy) to Brown (hard) and you choose a course depending on your experience. Regional, badge events attract more people and you generally have to enter in advance (entry on the day is sometimes possible if there are spare maps). You compete in age groups and can qualify for national Gold, Silver and Bronze badges on the basis of your results. There are some colour-coded courses at these events and you enter these on the day.

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