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For anyone interested in orienteering, learning the basic skills can be very important in achieving the sucess that you require. For some, those basic skills may have eroded over time, e.g. you may have had a break from orienteering, and you may wish to refresh your skills.

A series of videos are available below which give an introduction to orienteering as well as giving instruction on the basic skills of orienteering.

Introduction to Orienteering

Setting the Map

Using the Compass

Attack Points

Aiming Off

Large Contour Features

Intricate Contours

Route Choice


Also have a look at these training videos produced by MDOC showing how to increase your basic skills in orienteering. This set of videos is particularly aimed at getting people new to the sport from a basic white course through to a trickier orange course by learning the basic skills of orienteering. The vidoes also show how families, runners and walkers can enjoy learning the sport of orienteering through using the permanent orienteering courses that are available in local parks.

EPOC Coaching

Everyone is welcome to our Orienteering events and activities. 

A good way to improve for many people is by orienteering with someone else, if you're interested in shadowing or being shadowed or simply having a post race discussion with someone else please get in touch. 

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