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Farnley Tyas Event Flyer


EPOC weekend of orienteering - "Woods, Park and Town events"


Farnley Tyas Estates Event

Saturday 2nd July 2016, A Newly Mapped Area


The Yorkshire and Humberside Schools' Orienteering Championships


including a series of courses for adults.


Location: Field Lane, Farnley Tyas, Huddersfield HD4 6BS signed from the Golden Cock, Farnley Tyas. Streetmap


Parking: £1 per car.


Terrain: Predominantly open, a mixture of farmland and rough open areas with 2 wooded areas that will be used by the longer courses.


Map: by Dave Peel 2015. 1:10 000.


Dogs: on lead in car park only.


Food and Drink;
There will be veggie chilli and accessories plus hot and cold drinks available from Miriam's Kitchen Table, if you'd like to pre-order please contact Viv.
YHOA Junior Squad will be running a cake stall. Please support them.
The Golden Cock in Farnley Tyas will be open for food and drinks.


Courses: White (up to Y5) Yellow (Y6 and Y7) Orange (Y8 and Y9) Light Green (Y10 and above although inexperienced pupils should do orange)

White - 1.6km, 40m
Yellow - 2.5km, 60m
Orange - 3.4km, 70m
Light Green - 3.9km, 115m
Green - 5.0km, 225m
Blue - 6.7km, 320m


Climb is largely unavoidable due to the geography of the area.

Start and Finish are within 100-200m of the parking field.

White to Light Green remain within the farmland and do not cross any roads. Green and Blue have been planned to the maximum technical difficulty for the area. Both courses include road crossings and routes along main roads. One road crossing on the Blue course has restricted view and although infrequent, the traffic can be fast moving so great care will be needed. Reminders will be given about this at the start.

Please do not cross boundaries other than at marked crossing points. In general these boundaries have not been marked with uncrossable boundary overprint - there are simply too many of them. However there are a couple of places on the Green and Blue courses where the uncrossable boundary overprint has been used to help you to identify a valid route via crossing points.

Crossing points will be marked either by the ISOM gate symbol -| |- or by the overprint crossing point symbol ) (.

Walls mapped as broken may be crossed at gaps.



The o---o symbol is used to depict horse jumps.

The narrow ride symbol - - - - has been used to depict the cross country horse trails. These provide good going around the edge of fields.

Do not cross boundaries other than at marked crossing points.  Walls mapped as broken may be crossed at gaps.


If there is time and available maps and dibbers you may run another course but your first course counts.

A very easy free course will be available near to registration for very young children, or as a warm up/practice for novices.

All courses open to adults: Due to the terrain these will not be technically challenging but will give a good run-out in a new area.

Juniors (school age) and students): £3.00 pay on the day includes certificate for all finishers, medal for 1st 2nd and 3rd in each age group and trophy for the winning school which will all be forwarded for presentation in assembly after the event. Free for EPOC juniors- membership £4, join on the day or contact Viv.

Entry on the day is possible subject to availability of maps;

Juniors: £3.00 pay on the day includes certificate for all finishers, medal for 1st 2nd and 3rd in each age group and trophy for the winning school which will all be forwarded for presentation in assembly after the event.
Free if you join EPOC- junior membership £4, join on the day or contact Viv.

Adults £8.00 non British Orienteering members £10.00

Punching: SI electronic punching. Dibber hire is included in the fee. Lost dibbers will be charged at £30 each.

Time: Courses open between 10.30am and 12:30.

Schools Competition: There will be an individual race for each year group to produce a boy and girl winner, and second and third runners. In addition there will be a whole school competition. All those completing the course will be given a points score with the first person getting 100, the second 99 etc. For the whole school competition, scores from all the year groups will be added together.

Facilities: There will be toilets near the parking field. Catering by Miriams’ Kitchen Table available including veggie chilli, traybakes and hot and cold drinks.

Final Details: Any necessary further information will be on the EPOC website www.eastpennineoc.org.uk and will be sent via email to schools which contact the organiser.


Safety information;

Green and Blue courses have to either run along roads or cross them therefore juniors under the age of 16 are not allowed to run these courses unless accompanied by an adult at all times.
There will be a marshall at a road crossing on the blue course where competitors emerge onto a relatively busy and fast road. The marshall will have a better view of oncoming traffic from their side of the road. Please follow their instructions for your own safety.

Green and Blue courses have several road crossings. Competitors are urged not to take any risks, to use pavements where possible and to be mindful of other road users who might not be expecting to encounter runners on their journey.

Parents/Teachers please remind children to take care of themselves especially if competing solo. They should avoid any animals. Wear clothing appropriate to the weather. Although the farmland poses fewer hazards than some areas there is still potential for slip/trip/collision type accidents.

Safety: Competitors take part at their own risk and are responsible for their own safety. Teachers, parents or carers are expected to supervise children at all times except when they do the competitive course. Pupils must dress appropriately for an outdoor event on uneven ground. Cagoules and whistles are recommended and may be compulsory in the case of very bad weather. Those travelling alone should leave their car keys and particulars at Enquiries.

Results: Results will be on the EPOC website. School results will be calculated as soon as possible after the event.


Cancellation: Changes will be posted on the EPOC website


Officials: Viv Barraclough EPOC event organiser
Emma Harrison EPOC event planner.
Neil Conway AIRE controller.
Mike Pownall EPOC mapping co-ordinator.

Thanks to the Farnley Estate.

Notes from the Estate:

Four fields have been marked out of bounds as they contain arable crops.
There are pigeon scaring devices in these fields. These sound like shot guns and go off every now and again. There is no danger but may make you jump.

There are a few badger sets on the area; please give a wide berth if you encounter one.
No ring pull cans at the event as ring pulls can be eaten by sheep and cause internal damage.
The estate is currently subject to several tree disease restrictions so competitors are asked to come with clean footwear i.e. don’t bring in vegetation from elsewhere.


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Page updated: June 28 2016
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