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Huddersfield Urban Event Flyer


EPOC weekend of orienteering - "Woods, Park and Town events"

Huddersfield Urban Event, part of YHOA Urban League. Sunday 3rd July 2016

Final Details (2nd July)

EPOC are pleased to invite you to orienteer around the varied urban environment of Huddersfield and its wonderful Town Park.

Terrain:The terrain is mainly Tarmac with all courses finishing in parkland. The exception is course G which will be entirely parkland.

Map: New map A3 1:5000 with 5m contours - Surveyed and drawn by Richard Payne 2016.

Registration for EOD: Greenhead Park Cafe, Huddersfield HD1 2HS. Opposite tennis Courts. Streetmap

A section of streetmap will be available at Registration to help you to navigate to the start.


Parking: adhoc on adjacent streets around the park and to the west of the park.

Entries and Fees: 
Senior:  £7.00 (non BO members £9.00). Si Dibber Hire £1
Juniors: £2.00
Course G free to enter but 50p for additional maps on Course G

Pre-entries by 26.6.16 online at www.fabian4.co.uk
EOD: £8.00 (non BO members £10.00). To ensure you arrive home with a map pre-entry is advised.


Registration: 10.00 to 12.00.
Starts: 10.30 to 12.30.


Pre Entry can go straight to the start which is on Springwood Avenue opposite the Huddersfield Leisure Centre which is clearly visible from the northern section of the Huddersfield ring road. Streetmap
Lots of parking is available adjacent to the start area. Free on Sunday mornings and £1 from 12noon to 6.00pm.


Start Area You will notice some very, very large brick chimney air vents and the start is adjacent to these vents. Smoke used to emanate from these from the Dragons below. Dragons are now on the endangered list and smoke is only to be seen occasionally so there is nothing to worry about. However if you do see a Dragon and it’s not the organiser …………..
We have arranged for use of the Toilets in the Leisure Centre.

Safety:  Whilst we have carried out full risk assessments of the competition areas and put in place mitigation of the risks we have found, please be aware that you take part at your own risk. Competitors will be responsible for their own safety.
Please be aware of all traffic, pedestrians and other competitors. It is a good principle, to pass other runners to the left. The courses pass through all types of urban environment with a wide range of underfoot conditions. Wet Yorkshire pavements are very slippery as are the flags and grass in the Park. Some of the tiled shopping areas are very slippery when wet. Competitors who are travelling alone are advised to leave named car keys at enquiries. All competitors must download as soon as possible at the end of their run whether they have completed the course or not.
The Junior course F is planned to avoid busy road crossings and use the parkland and quiet residential streets. Course G only uses the Park.

G course start - leave registration by the back door and turn right toward the big war memorial. At the end of the path you will find the main Finish. The G start is adjacent to the finish.
The other courses cross several busy roads and we emphasise the need to take great care particularly where there are parked cars.
The main ring road is shown as out of bounds and must be crossed at the marked crossing points, which are underpasses. Failure to observe this will result in disqualification.
The Mens open course also crosses a main road where the lines have been bent to a part of the road where crossing is safer. Please observe this and take care.
Huddersfield centre has several arcades. Some have been shown as out of bounds and competitors are expected to adhere to this.


String Course:  None.

Length,km Climb,m Controls
7.5 170 28 Men Open   (M18-35)  
5.8 130 24 Veteran Men  (M40+) Women Open   (W18-35)
4.9 100 21 Super Veteran Men   (M55+) Veteran Women   (W40+)
4.4 90 23 Ultra Veteran Men   (M65+) Super Veteran Women   (W55+)
3.3 80 15   Ultra Veteran Women   (W65+)
3.6 70 16 Junior Men   (M16-) Junior Women   (W16-)
1.7 30 10 Young Junior Men   (M12-) Young Junior Women  (W12-)

Acknowledgements: Kirklees MBC, Cafe in the Park, Residents and park users. 
Organiser: Jean Lochhead EPOC   
Planner:    Richard Payne EPOC
Controller: Davey Averill EPOC


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Page updated: July 02 2016
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