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Planners Comments

Newmillerdam YHOA Night League Event
Saturday 22nd December 2018


Planner’s Comments:

It is more years than I care to mention since I last orienteered at night but knowing that Emma, who does, was to be the controller I knew she would keep me on the right path as regarding course lengths and technical difficulties. Thank you, Emma.

Newmillerdam is close to home and I know it well so choosing control sites and routes through the area was easy. I only needed to visit to check suitability for securing gripples and then to tape the sites.

Last time I planned an event it was an all paper task so the use of Purple Pen was my biggest challenge. I learnt a lot by trial and error and though I am normally a patient person there were times when I felt like tearing my hair out when I couldn’t do what I wanted. So thanks to Emma, Jean and David for their imput. Hopefully, if I do any more planning, I will remember at least some parts of Purple Pen.

Thanks also to David for his updates to the map. We found out about the closure of the lake causeway after the maps had gone to BML, the printers, but managed to delay the printing in order to mark it OOB.

I am grateful to Jean and Davey for helping to put out the controls and to Emma, Megan and Laura for helping collect them at the end, despite the bad weather.

Juliet Morgan.

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