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Organisers Comments

Newmillerdam Christmas Score Event
Sunday 23rd December 2018





Organiser's Comments:

When I first said I would organise the annual Xmas Night and Day event this year I thought it would be fairly simple. Get a licence off the Council, book the Scout Hut and arrange for the overflow parking. Easy peasy!

Wakefield Council now only allow online applications for licences and do a good job of hiding them on their website. Eventually, after 45 mins at the Council help desk the link was found and then it was plain sailing. John Elliott gave me the details for the Scout Hut and I arranged to collect the key for the Car Park from Anglers. Two of the locks were fine but the others could not be opened. It was Thursday lunchtime before they phoned to confirm that I had the wrong keys, but they had put new locks on.

Planning and Controlling had gone well and 2 weeks before the event I ordered the maps. Proofs came back and were fine.

Then the Council closed the causeway across the lake for the winter, no notice, I just happened to see it in the local paper. Just managed to stop the printing in time and alter map.

Saturday evening went well. Controls out in time, start and finish set up and everyone back. Lock up and go home.

Sunday - good and wet. Meet IT team and unlock scout hut. Drive to overflow car park - sharp left hand turn and the little key slipped down between the seat and gear lever - good job I have slim fingers to get it out but it was a bit of a panic moment. Event started on time, everyone seemed to enjoy the woods and we packed up on time. Valiant small band went back out into the woods to collect controls. We cleared the scout hut, I filled my car boot with soggy cardboard from the floor. Locked up and went home. Still raining.

Around 150 competitors over the 2 events. 21 helpers, most of whom did both night and day.

Back for more next year. Happy Christmas

David Morgan



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