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Final Details

Mytholmroyd Urban Double Sprint Event

Saturday 20 July 2019

YHOA Urban League incorporating NWOA Urban League


Terrain: Mytholmroyd is located in the steep sided Upper Calder Valley 10 miles east of Burnley and 7 miles west of Halifax.  The town was very badly hit by the Boxing Day Floods of 2015 and is still under reconstruction. Courses have been planned to try and avoid the cement mixers, cranes and diggers busy building bigger flood defences in case we have rain of biblical proportions again.

Event: The main A646 runs straight through the middle of Mytholmroyd and is the only main road along the valley making in eminently suitable for a Double Sprint event with events on either side of the main road.  The gap between the two races will be short and the two race times combined will count for the YHOA Urban league - but please see Final details nearer the time.

Map: 1:5000 New Map Surveyed and drawn by Richard Payne 2019.

Car Parking & Assembly: will be at Calder High School, Briar Hey Lane, Mytholmroyd, HX7 5QN. Streetmap

Directions: From Halifax take A646 for about 6.5 miles. Briar Hey Lane is on the right and will be signed. From Todmorden take A646 for 6.5 miles and pass through Mytholmroyd.  Briar Hey Lane will on your left and signed. 

Dogs: No dogs in the school grounds
EOD Fees: 
Senior,  £8.00 (non BO members £10.00)
Juniors and newcomers; £4.00
50p for each additional map on course 7
SI Hire £1.  Lost or not returned dibbers £30.
Registration: 10.00 to 11.00
Starts: 10.30 to 11.30 to be followed at approx. 12.00 to 12.30 for part 2. (may be subject to change, please see final details)
Safety:  While we have carried out full risk assessments of the competition areas and put in place any mitigation of the risks we found, please be aware that you take part at your own risk. Competitors will be responsible for their own safety.
Please be aware of all traffic, pedestrians and other competitors. It is a good principle, to pass other runners to the left. The courses pass through all types of urban environment with a wide range of underfoot conditions. Wet Yorkshire cobbles are very slippery. Competitors who are travelling alone are advised to leave their car keys at enquiries and complete the entry form with their car registration no. Attention has been paid to planning courses used by under 16’s and whilst the residential streets are usually quiet, where deemed necessary road crossings will have a marshal in attendance.
All competitors must download as soon as possible at the end of their run whether they have completed the course or not.

Electronic punching: Controls are SIAC enabled.  
SI Download: After punching the finish control you must download as soon as possible and hired SI cards will be collected after Part 2. Should you lose your SI card, or fail to return it, you will be charged the full price of a replacement (£30). 
Shadowing Juniors: Juniors may be shadowed. To remain competitive, any adult who shadows a junior must have completed their run beforehand.

Results:  Results will be on display in the assembly area and via the EPOC website www.eastpennineoc.org.uk 

Courses: Sprint course lengths, climb and no of controls to be confirmed as soon as possible.

Course Distance km Climb m Controls Men Women
1 2.5-2.9     M21,M16,M18,M20,M35,M40  
2.1-2.5     M45, M50 W16,W18,W20,W21,W35
1.8-2.2     M14,M55,M60 W40,W45,W50
1.5-1.8     M12,M65,M70 W14,W55,W60,W65
1.2-1.5     M75,M80,M85 W70,W75,W80,W85
1.0-1.2     M10 W10

Acknowledgements: Calder Valley High School.  Calderdale Council.
Officials:   Organiser: Jean Lochead EPOC email Jean
Planner:     Jonathon Emberton EPOC
Controller: Richard Payne EPOC

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Page updated: June 08 2019
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