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Controllers Comments
 Father Christmas

Storthes Hall YHOA Night League Event

Saturday 21st December 2019



Controllers Comments.

I’ve lost count of the number of times that I have Controlled EPOC events at Storthes Hall. In the past it was usually with Alistair Tinto as Organiser and I always remember him whenever I visit Storthes. He is still greatly missed.

Jean Lochhead took on the Alistair role for this event and was so thorough that I had barely anything to do. The use of The Venue really helped make the event a relaxed and sociable affair.

On the Planning side, I knew that with Simon as Planner, my role would be minimal here as well. It also helps that I know virtually every possible control site intimately. Simon came up with the butterfly solution in order to squeeze the necessary course lengths into the small area and I was happy to go along with this. Only the odd minor tweak was needed to reduce possible temptation to go through out of bounds areas.

I only heard positive comments about both the night and day courses so assume everyone enjoyed their course. Apologies to the few people who ran both at night and day who will have noticed quite a lot of similarity. I think it would be unreasonable to expect Simon to move controls between the two events.

Happily there were no issues to deal with. In the past I have had to deal with a stolen control and so we decided to gripple every control for this event. There were no injuries or missing competitors, although the last finisher at the night event was some time after the penultimate finisher. It would be good if those who know that they are likely to be out a long time made an effort to start as early as possible.

Charlie Adams