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Elland Urban Forum

July 8, 2015

UK and YHOA Urban League

Elland Urban Event. Sunday 5th July 2015

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Comment by Anthony Greenwood of EPOC.
Submitted at 20:35 on Wednesday 8-Jul-2015.

SUBJECT:   The End
Thank you for all your comments. Closing the forum now.
Comment by Anthony Greenwood of EPOC.
Submitted at 18:25 on Tuesday 7-Jul-2015.

SUBJECT:   Route Gadget
Once apon a time I remember the main thing in the car park after a run was to find out if I had beaten Ivor or vice versa. We soon knew because we put our result slip up on a washing line.
We then sat down to compare what route each of us took. Our watches gave us our splits.
Now there is a brilliant facility called Route Gadget which takes a bit of effort for the event team and webmaster to set up, which allows you to see how your route compares with the winning competitors.
I am pleased to see that a couple of our course winners have put their routes on, allowing ordinary folk to see how the experts do it and therefore perhaps we can learn something. It would be really good if the first 3 in each class felt obliged to put their courses on?
Comment by Paul of SYO.
Submitted at 21:44 on Monday 6-Jul-2015.

I was one of those who went through the gate on course C, leg 4 to 5, for the following reasons. Approaching control 4 the gate was clearly wide open, with a padlock on the open gate. This gave the impression of a valid route, and past experience of running round schools has shown that gates are often left open for route choices. The control circle obscured the detail at this exact point, so I was not able to tell if an opening, or a black line was shown. Looking at the map now with a magnifier, I can see it is a black line.
Note the control looks totally different on route gadget, with the purple circle being bigger, hence showing the black line meeting up with the building.
I did though, enjoy the event!
Comment by Martin Ward of SYO.
Submitted at 08:22 on Monday 6-Jul-2015.

SUBJECT:   Routegadget voided leg
Routegadget is working, thanks.

On the voided leg I agree that people who run illegally should be DSQ. If it wasn't possible to tell who ran illegally, then it sounds likle it didn't change the results, so maybe removing the leg isn't necessary?

Anyway, thanks very much EPOC!
Comment by Richard Payne.
Submitted at 08:13 on Monday 6-Jul-2015.

SUBJECT:   Planners comments
Regarding the gate I had arranged for the caretaker to lock it and only knew it hadn't happened well into the race. People who cross black lines should be disqualified but there was no knowing who did and who didn't take the car park route and thusthe decision to remove the leg 4 to 5 on course C.
Apologies to those competitors confused by the control number 19 obscuring the Memorial area close to the finish. One is as careful as possible about cutting circles and lines and placing numbers but this escaped my attention.
As to the bridge.mapped as going over rather than under the ring road I can only apologise. I have passed that way myself several times and not noticed.
Comment by Anthony Greenwood of EPOC.
Submitted at 04:17 on Monday 6-Jul-2015.

SUBJECT:   Route Gadget
Should be ok now. Please try it!
Comment by Anthony Greenwood of EPOC.
Submitted at 22:28 on Sunday 5-Jul-2015.

SUBJECT:   Planner
The planner went from the event to play golf! That is why he is not commenting yet!
Comment by Duncan Harris of DEE.
Submitted at 22:24 on Sunday 5-Jul-2015.

One slightly strange thing: the B6114/Dewsbury Rd goes under the A629 dual carriageway but the Elland orienteering map shows it going over.

I did have a hesitation on that leg, thinking where on earth can I be?
Comment by Duncan Harris of DEE.
Submitted at 22:00 on Sunday 5-Jul-2015.

SUBJECT:   Voided leg
They had a leg 83 to 114 (controls 2 to 5 on our B) which some people ran W  N of the school through the event car park. Presume there was an unmarked open gate in the fence to the NW of 83. Car park should really have been marked OOB on map.
Comment by Martin Ward of SYO.
Submitted at 18:53 on Sunday 5-Jul-2015.

SUBJECT:   Great event today
Very much enjoyed Course B. A good mix of Sprint style legs with longer urban style legs (and some interesting route choices).

We weren't affected by the open gate, but I'll be interested to read the Organiser's comments about why an open gate should lead to the voiding of a leg on Course C.
Comment by Anthony Greenwood of EPOC.
Submitted at 18:25 on Sunday 5-Jul-2015.

SUBJECT:   Route Gadget
The results files have been sent to me without course information. Alistair our results supremo is out this evening, so I think it will be sometime tomorrow before RG is available.
I have deleted the event accessed by Guy! He is too quick for me!
Comment by Guy Goodair of Epoc.
Submitted at 18:19 on Sunday 5-Jul-2015.

SUBJECT:   Routegadget
No courses showing on route gadget at present so can't upload routes
Comment by Brian Ward of HALO.
Submitted at 16:42 on Sunday 5-Jul-2015.

Another great Urban race provided by EPOC. I really like the clarity of the map - even at 1:5,000 - lovely "glossy" finish! Good planning too (Course A) nice mix of Sprint (School + some Residential) and long Route Choice legs - Well Done ....again(!) EPOC
Also special thanks to Richard for providing maps for the GB WOC Team to train with after their runs - BIG Thumbs UP :)
Comment by Sal Chaffey of DVO.
Submitted at 16:31 on Sunday 5-Jul-2015.

Hi, unless I'm missing something, I don't think the link to the Results is 'live'
Comment by Anthony Greenwood of EPOC.
Submitted at 14:11 on Sunday 5-Jul-2015.

SUBJECT:   Elland Forum
We picked the best weather for our event. Did you enjoy it? The map?

There was a very short period when the posted results of class C which had the 'gate' leg voided, we actually voided the wrong leg! They are ok now.

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