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Huddersfield Urban Event Forum

July 7, 2016


EPOC weekend of orienteering - "Woods, Park and Town events"

Huddersfield Urban Event, part of YHOA Urban League. Sunday 3rd July 2016


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Comment by Anthony Greenwood of EPOC.
Submitted at 07:08 on Thursday 7-Jul-2016.

SUBJECT:   Forum
Thanks for your comments, folks. Forum closing now.
Comment by Ian Cooper of SYO.
Submitted at 18:21 on Monday 4-Jul-2016.

I think the problem at 150 is that there was another canopy (into the OOB area) which is not shown (as it was also OOB) - competitors went under the second canopy, which wasthen the Deaf Centre.

thanks to Richard for pointing out that controls 6 and 9 on Course D were underlined - I really did not see that when running (even slowly!) but did see they were close together and thought that was a bit unusual - the underlining could have been thicker?
Comment by Guy Goodair.
Submitted at 14:07 on Monday 4-Jul-2016.

SUBJECT:   Magistrates Court
I was confused here too - think the canopy symbol (as used on the Leeds University car park area) much easier to read whilst running
Comment by Richard the Planner.
Submitted at 08:32 on Monday 4-Jul-2016.

SUBJECT:   Magistrates Court
When mapping this area I decided to emphasise the upper level allowing more planning opportunities. Focussing on the lower level would have resulted in the canopy symbol and the multi storey building 'disappearing'. However I was able to show the car park beneath by using the underpass symbol to show the boundary walls. The red crossing lines were mapped to emphasise the boundary below the building. The mapping difficulty can be seen in relation to the two sets of steps to the north side. The western ones go up to the second level and the eastern ones down into the car park.
Regarding the cut line yes missed it.
Regarding the start point accepted. It was a quiet council owned piece of land which gave an interesting first leg. The organiser and controller weren't totally happy with it but they agreed to put runners crossing signs up and warn people at the start. Everyone survived.
Comment by Richard.
Submitted at 21:07 on Sunday 3-Jul-2016.

SUBJECT:   Map around Magistrates Courts/Start
Found the bit around the Magistrates Courts (Course A 17-18) a bit confusing. The line between the two controls wasn't cut, which meant it ran straight over the gap between the buildings.

I gambled, went up the steps and it looked like a dead-end, then thought the purple line underneath the building must be indicating a crossing, like was using under the railway bridge, only to find a dead-end in the car park. Then had to stop dead to see the gap between the buildings under the purple. Maybe I could have read the map better, but found it difficult to read at running pace. And the purple overprint was very confusing (still not sure why it was there). Line should definitely have been cut to show the gap though.

Also thought the start straight across a relatively busy road was a bit bizarre and found it strange that this (a) planned and (b) not controlled out. Looking at the map, there were options if that was the only start location available.

Other than those relatively minor issues, it was a good event and the town centre is a good area for orienteering - required a lot of concentration. In fact, so much concentration, I ran, at full pace, into a metal pole (parking sign thing) and now have bruised ribs...
Comment by Simon of LOC.
Submitted at 17:47 on Sunday 3-Jul-2016.

SUBJECT:   Huddersfield
Thank you. Enjoyed my course today. The ice cream at the cafe was a bonus.
Comment by Compass - man of MDOC.
Submitted at 16:42 on Sunday 3-Jul-2016.

SUBJECT:   Huddersfield run
I did well #128522; and it was fun#129303;#129299; (M12)
Comment by Anthony G of EPOC.
Submitted at 14:43 on Sunday 3-Jul-2016.

SUBJECT:   Forum
How was your run? The Map, the area? Let us know....

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