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Storthes Hall Event Forum

December 19, 2016

Father Christmas

Storthes Hall YHOA Night League Event

Saturday 17th December 2016


Father Christmas
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Comment by Anthony Greenwood of EPOC.
Submitted at 20:34 on Monday 19-Dec-2016.

SUBJECT:   Thanks
Thanks to all contributers!  Closing down now.
Comment by Mary Carrick of HALO.
Submitted at 18:28 on Monday 19-Dec-2016.

SUBJECT:   Jean's letter
thanks for that Jean but you should not have bothered - just blowing off steam and meant it when I said I did enjoy the event, despite problems, and am appreciative of all the hard work involved in organizing as well as planning. Have a great Christmas and a Happy, very healthy New Year.
Comment by Jean Lochhead of EPOC Organiser.
Submitted at 16:15 on Monday 19-Dec-2016.

SUBJECT:   Mary Carrick forum
I have addressed Mary's comments in a letter to her giving clarification of the facts at the Saturday Night event.
Comment by Matt White of LEI.
Submitted at 15:48 on Monday 19-Dec-2016.

SUBJECT:   Storthes Hall
Thanks for two very fun events. I really appreciate the effort to put on these events just before Christmas when everyone is busy with many things.  For me, I was particularly pleased how different the day courses were on Sunday compared to the night courses on Saturday, especially given the constraints of the same start and finish.  Loved the use of the pavilion.
Comment by Mary Carrick of HALO.
Submitted at 11:07 on Monday 19-Dec-2016.

SUBJECT:   Medium course at Meanwood
Apologies for my late arrival again but I was at the start for dead on 6 pm; honest. Must admit was disappointed with my map; the colours were very faint; there was no scale on it; there was no course closure time on it so I ended up thinking it was 7 pm and not 7.30 pm; and the map 'bag', being only a plastic sleeve, made seeing the map even harder in the dark and that I had to stop every time I needed to check the map. I appreciate all the hard work which goes into planning such an event but it did take the edge off my run. Glad the woman giving the emergency whistle call was OK though.
Comment by Anthony Greenwood of EPOC.
Submitted at 10:34 on Monday 19-Dec-2016.

SUBJECT:   Route Gadget
Thanks for the votes! It will be back next time.
Comment by JT.
Submitted at 10:21 on Monday 19-Dec-2016.

Another vote for Routegadget upload please.
Comment by Richard Foster of Aire.
Submitted at 22:30 on Sunday 18-Dec-2016.

SUBJECT:   Routegadget
I will miss RG - it's a very useful tool to work out where any why you made mistakes and to improve for future events.

Especially at night events.
Comment by Anthony Greenwood of EPOC.
Submitted at 18:24 on Sunday 18-Dec-2016.

SUBJECT:   Route Gadget
Sorry, no RG for these events.
I wonder how many will miss it?
Officials overloaded!
Comment by Chris Burden of Aire.
Submitted at 18:21 on Sunday 18-Dec-2016.

SUBJECT:   Is Roiute Gadget coming?
It would be nice to see routes taken and the other courses.

Appreciate that with 2 events you've had a lot to contend with? Many thanks.
Comment by Anthony Greenwood of EPOC.
Submitted at 19:33 on Saturday 17-Dec-2016.

SUBJECT:   Forum
Would you like to comment on our Night Event?

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